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March 1, 2018. Ecology

Wildlife Habitat Council Grants Highest Certification to CEMEX in the Dominican Republic

The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) granted CEMEX in the Dominican Republic its Gold Certification for the company’s Biodiversity Action Plan in Las Salinas and Laguna Cabral, a project led by CEMEX in collaboration with Grupo Jaragua and Birdlife International. CEMEX received this recognition for the results of its program “Las Salinas and Laguna Cabral Biodiversity Action Plan”, located close to its gypsum mine in the Barahona province, in the southwest of the country.

The “Las Salinas and Laguna Cabral Biodiversity Action Plan” was created five years ago in collaboration with Birdlife International and Grupo Jaragua to mitigate past or present environmental impacts and involve local communities in environmental conservation by playing the role of Environmental Guardians. Conservation efforts include helping to safeguard two endangered species, the Rhinoceros Iguana (the largest endemic vertebrate in the area) and the Hispaniolan Slider Turtle; protecting Laguna Cabral, a BirdLife Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and Ramsar Site; restoring Lemba River’s native riverbank vegetation, as well as working to enhance life quality of local communities and empower women, among other initiatives.