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September 16, 2015.

Working together for reforestation

One of the main objectives for CEMEX is to achieve excellence; therefore the company develops environmental programs and projects every year to address key sustainability issues.


In 2015 CEMEX unveiled its new Sustainability Model to overcome the most important challenges that society is facing. One of them represents environmental concerns such as biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, climate change and emissions monitoring.

CEMEX is firmly committed to reduce the impact that its operations cause on these issues, and is therefore working on several projects to help improve the environment.

As part of its campaign MANOS A LA OBRA, CEMEX celebrates the Green Day during which CEMEX employees offer their talent, time and leadership to make a difference for the benefit of society.

During 2015, the volunteer program MANOS A LA OBRA focuses on reforestation of all the green areas of its business units and the surrounding communities. Through this initiative CEMEX, together with its partners, achieves its mission as Socially Responsible Company.

3,000 VOLUNTEERS  FROM CEMEX and their families

7.700 hours donated

13, 650 trees planted

to improve and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

MANOS A LA OBRA has been active in Mexico since 2008. In 2015, other business units such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and soon Haiti, joined the initiative, increasing significantly the program’s positive impact on the environment.