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Cerrito Blanco is home to the Saguaro cactus and the golden eagle.

October 27, 2015.

Labeling desert eagles

The golden eagle is the national bird of Mexico, and its conservation is a concern of national and international partnerships.


A site that benefits from the partnership with BirdLife is the quarry Cerrito Blanco, in the Sonoran Desert,  in northwestern Mexico, home to an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna including golden eagles and other mammals and reptiles.


The golden eagle is Mexico’s national bird and its conservation is one of the objectives of national and international alliances, such as CEMEX-Pronatura, which conducts workshops where experts from around the country work to preserve the golden eagle.

A team of specialists found three nests located near one of our quarries and labeled a young eagle with a radio transmitter to reveal insights about what birds do after leaving the nest.