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Kosmos Cement Company promotes habitat conservation and management on its properties

June 15, 2017.

Kosmos Cement Company Conservation Program

Kosmos Cement Company promotes environmental education and conservation through partnerships


Kosmos Cement Company’s cement plant is located on two separate properties along the Ohio River in Jefferson and Meade counties in Kentucky.

The Company has partnered with the Kosmosdale Sportsmen Club (current and retired employees) and Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) to promote healthy, sustainable deer populations by sponsoring the QDMA Military Youth Hunt every year since 2012. The event is open to children of military men and women to introduce them to outdoor experiences focused on wildlife conservation. Employees mentor youth participants during the four-day event, including training sessions on plant property.

In 2016, Kosmos Cement participated in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wildlife Habitat Council’s (WHC) Southeast Monarch Initiative to do its part to help save the Monarch butterfly by providing habitat for the monarchs during their yearly migration. The Company has planted a Southern Monarch Habitat Seed Mix on about an acre of designated habitat land to provide food sources for the Monarch butterfly and increase other plant and wildlife populations.

“WHC encourages teams working on voluntary conservation initiatives to seek out alignments that are meaningful to them. In choosing to support the monarch butterfly, CEMEX not only contributes to the Pollinator Health Task Force, but also demonstrates that the private sector has the means and influence to create a conservation impact, to leverage resources to restore ecosystems and enhance biodiversity” said WHC President Margaret O’Gorman.

Kosmos Cement Company has earned Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council since 2011. On April 21, 2011, in celebration of Earth Day, employees and volunteers planted 1,000 native trees on plant property. Additionally, the plant is active in outreach activities designed to preserve the plant’s history in the community.

Kosmos Cement Company has continually participated in a range of innovation, energy-efficiency, outreach, land-stewardship and environmental-improvement activities.  In 2012, the plant was recognized by the Portland Cement Association with the Overall Environmental Excellence Award.