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Monarch Caterpillars at CEMEX Miami Cement Plant/SCL Quarry Pollinator Garden

February 4, 2016.

CEMEX Miami Cement Plant / SCL Quarry Conservation Program

A pollinator garden was created in CEMEX Miami Cement Plant/SCL Quarry which focuses on encouraging school teachers from Dade County to use this site as an educational resource. SCL Quarry Wildlife Team hosts site tours and welcomes student involvement.


In May 2012, a pollinator garden was created with the help of kindergarten students. This project was part of our Wildlife at Work Program through Wildlife Habitat Council. It consists of 700-square-feet beside the main office and includes two bird bath features. Its native plantings include yellow milkweed, firebush, beach sunflower and Pentas lanceolata (both pink and white flowers). A sprinkler system keeps the area hydrated as needed and a small pond nearby is used by wildlife. Weekly monitoring for weed removal and plant care helps to keep this area healthy without the use of herbicides.

In July 2015, the pollinator garden was expanded. CEMEX staff worked together to pull weeds, spread soil and plant 150 native plants and trees, including several varieties of milkweeds, which is the host plant for monarch butterfly.

The SCL Quarry wildlife team focuses on encouraging school teachers from Miami-Dade County to use the site as a resource for education, especially with topics regarding littoral shelves, wetland prairies, and pollinator habitats. The team hosts site tours on these topics, and welcomes student involvement

This project represents a team effort in collaboration with Florida International University, Carney Environmental, Southeast Environmental Solutions, Colonial Christian School, and The Colinas Group.

SCL = Seaboard Coast Line