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Lyons Plant works closely with local schools and universities to enhance students' experience with field and classroom activities

April 27, 2017.

CEMEX Lyons Cement Plant Conservation Program

Lyons Cement Plant’s diverse land-stewardship program has been continually recognized as one of the best in the industry with multiple awards that acknowledge its superior efforts to protect and enhance the surrounding land, and wildlife


CEMEX Lyons Cement Plant is located near the town of Lyons, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Lyons Plant has an exceptional, multifaceted land-stewardship program that has approached restoration of disturbed areas holistically, with native plantings and the release of displaced or rehabilitated wildlife from the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. About 600 acres at the site have been revegetated with the use of native seed mixtures beyond the permit requirements.  Land restoration projects incorporate wetlands, planting native shrubs and forbs, and removing noxious weeds. Lyons Plant’s sustainable treatment of noxious weeds includes goat grazing, which has been observed to protect pollinators and promote native plant species. Furthermore, throughout the facility, employees have installed bee boards, bat houses and bird nests alongside landscaped areas with native species for pollinators and local wildlife. Each year, Lyons Plant participates in Earth Day activities as part of CEMEX’s commitment to conservation and sustainability. Through its ongoing commitment to land stewardship, Lyons Plant has earned Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council since 2010.

Land stewardship at Lyons Cement Plant is community-driven, with CEMEX employees and community members taking an active part in habitat-conservation measures. The facility’s educational programs provide the community with unique learning opportunities to raise awareness about sustainability.  Lyons Plant works closely with local schools and universities to enhance students’ educational opportunities with field and classroom activities. Through this partnership, Kellie Courtney, a teacher at Lyons Middle-Senior High School, was a finalist for Wildlife Habitat Council’s 2015 Community Partner of the Year Award, and Lyons Plant was awarded the Portland Cement Association’s 2015 Outreach Award.