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Native Prairie Habitat planted by CEMEX at a former clay mine

July 21, 2016.

CEMEX Fairborn Cement Plant Conservation Program

A proud member of the Greene County community for more than 90 years, the Fairborn Cement plant is the site of CEMEX’s Pollinator Habitat Preserve


CEMEX Fairborn Cement Plant is located in Fairborn, Ohio, which is approximately 15 miles east of Dayton.

In partnership with the Pollinator Stewardship Council, CEMEX Fairborn Cement Plant has created 30 acres of pollinator habitat and an onsite apiary, which will be available to local organizations and schools for outdoor education.  Through its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, the Fairborn plant has earned Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council since 2011.  Additionally, the conservation team planted more than 80 native trees on the property, including 50 sourwoods, which is an important species for native pollinators.  In early 2016, CEMEX partnered with the Pollinator Partnership as a participant in the Monarch Wings Across Ohio project, and is actively involved in the organization’s research on monarch butterfly population decline and pollinator habitat conservation.

Protecting biodiversity and promoting nature conservation in the community are initiatives that continue to grow at the Fairborn Cement Plant facility each year. CEMEX conducts pre-mining wildlife habitat studies and restores the land through reclamation efforts once mining operations are complete.  Previously quarried lands have been converted to nature preserves, parks or given other beneficial uses.