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Wood duck nesting boxes at CEMEX Demopolis Cement Plant

March 3, 2016.

CEMEX Demopolis Cement Plant Conservation Program

CEMEX Demopolis Wildlife Team has built several wood duck and eastern bluebird nesting boxes with the help of local high school students


The CEMEX Demopolis Cement Plant is located in Demopolis, Alabama, approximately 100 miles west of Montgomery, the capital of the state. The plant sits on 1,970 acres, of which 1,620 are actively managed for wildlife.

In 2008, the CEMEX Demopolis Wildlife Team built several wood duck and eastern blue bird nesting boxes with the help of local high school students (Demopolis High School). The boxes were installed around onsite pond banks to provide supplemental nesting habitats for these species, which have fewer natural nesting spaces available.

Each box was initially equipped with predator guards, and in 2013, a metal stove-pipe upgrade was installed around the wooden posts to prevent beavers from damaging the structures.

The Wildlife Team consulted with biologists from the Alabama Wildlife Federation and Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on the features of the boxes.

Additional wildlife-management activities in the area include white-tailed deer and wild turkey population conservation.

The Plant´s Conservation Program has been certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council since 2013.