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The Rhinoceros Iguana, a worldwide endangered species, will be protected thanks to the dedication of Birdlife in Dominican Republic.

October 27, 2015.

Alliance to save wildlife

Since its implementation, the program CEMEX-BirdLife has focused on supporting strategic alliances whose main objective is the conservation of wildlife.


CEMEX in Dominican Republic and Jaragua Group worked together to preserve the granting of quarry area Las Salinas, which coincides with one of the most important areas for wildlife,“La Laguna de Cabral Bird & Biodiversity Area”.

This alliance focuses on key issues such as the restoration of a river running through the concessions, and the creation of a community-based nursery that provides cactus using local seeds for the restoration of the quarry. Both projects contribute to sustainable development by helping the local community and providing a source of income through the sale of the nursery plants.