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September 13, 2018. Ecology

(Sep 24 - Oct 28, 2018, Santa Lucia Riverwalk)


CEMEX is pleased to invite you to delight a photography exhibition alluding the 25 editions of our Conservation Book Series, within the XI Santa Lucia International Festival framework, with the intention to show “The Voice of Nature”. This exhibition will be located along Santa Lucia Riverwalk, near the Lake of Waves towards Felix U. Gomez Ave.

Santa Lucia International Festival is an annual event held in the Mexican city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, with the purpose of boosting local and international artistic and cultural expressions.

Thanks to the support of our conservation partners, global non-government organizations and international photographers, it has been possible to develop the Conservation Book Series (25 volumes that depict the wonders of nature). Each title has helped to develop environmental awareness for decision-making in conservation issues.

Likewise, we are glad to announce that the 26th edition of our Conservation Book Series, entitled “Islands”, will be launched during the photo exhibition opening ceremony on September 24, 2018, 20:00 hours, at the Lake of Waves’ steps within Fundidora Park. This event will feature the distinguished presence of Cristina Mittermeier, a well-known Mexican biologist, writer and photographer, who will share her experience as an editor of a large part of the aforementioned book series.

Delve into the world we inhabit … explore, know and conserve!

Join us!

Location map:


Indications for motorists:

  • Use Parking Lot (E10)
  • Enter on foot by Access (E10)
  • Go towards Paseo Santa Lucia´s walkway
  • Walk approximately 800 meters (10 min.) to the west, heading to “Lago de las Olas” / “Mirador de Castillo”
  • Locate “Lago de las Olas” steps