Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink

25 Conservation Success Stories

Back from the Brink celebrates the remarkable resolve of innumerable people and institutions to save the ever-rising numbers of threatened species. This volume highlights twenty-five species through spectacular photographs accompanied by descriptive profiles that mention species' threats, causes for their decline and the remarkable efforts that have saved them from extinction. Back from the Brink's twenty-five illuminating portrait-essays are complemented by an additional gallery of sixty-five endangered species, with captions indicating their location, reasons for decline and measures that saved them from extinction.

Year: 2017

Author(s): Russell A. Mittermeier, Anthony B. Rylands, Wes Sechrest, Penny F. Langhammer, John C. Mittermeier, Michael J. Parr, William R. Konstant, Roderic B. Mast

Editor(s): Cristina Mittermeier

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