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September 7, 2017. Ecology

First Invasive Wildlife Monitoring Workshop, El Carmen Nature Reserve – CONANP, Barbary Sheep in Chihuahuan Desert Habitats

On September 7, 2017, the first invasive wildlife monitoring workshop with a focus on Barbary sheep, which is a threat to bighorn sheep groups that were reintroduced into the Big Bend-Rio Bravo biological corridor, was carried out in El Carmen Nature Reserve facilities. This workshop was given to the wildlife monitoring brigade of Maderas del Carmen, related to Mexican Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), with the purpose of training them in wildlife monitoring and management techniques, as well as Barbary sheep species biology and its implications as an intruder in Chihuahuan Desert natural habitats, and bighorn sheep biology.

Three main topics were studied in this workshop:

  1. El Carmen Nature Reserve and species recovery, such as the bighorn sheep.
  2. Barbary sheep. Species generalities, and native species and ecosystem threats, mainly bighorn sheep.
  3. Monitoring. Discussion on different techniques to monitor presence, distribution and dietary preferences of Barbary sheep.

There were also two environmental education activities, one field practice, and one laboratory practice to show the age and denture estimation techniques for both sheep species.