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Family of Ravens / Rugby Plant

July 14, 2016. Ecology

Family of Ravens living at CEMEX Rugby Cement Plant

It may not be the Tower of London, but a family of ravens with mom, dad and four youngsters, have decided that a silo at CEMEX Rugby Cement Plant will make a very nice home

CEMEX Rugby Cement Plant is located in Rugby, UK.

Earlier this year, a local keen ornithologist, John Judge, was out walking his dog when he first noticed a pair of ravens starting to build a nest close to a silo at the Plant.  Since then, the pair have produced four chicks and seems to be unconcerned by the industrial surroundings.

Ravens generally prefer wooded areas in which they can easily find carrion and insects to feed upon, but more and more are to be seen living and breeding in built up areas.  Today, there are around 7,400 breeding pairs in the UK, usually found in the west and north of the country.

As you can see, Rugby CEMEX Plant is not the only building in England to house six ravens.  There is a legend that says the Tower of London will fall down if one of the six resident ravens ever leaves the fortress.

Let’s hope these ravens continue to find a home at the “Tower” of Rugby Cement Plant.


Original article:  http://www.cemexuknews.co.uk/communities/rugby-towers-very-own-ravens/