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Balaena mysticetus | Bowhead Whale

October 2, 2015. Water / Oceans

The Ocean: Can it be Saved?

The ocean continues to surprise us. The urgent question of the twenty-first century is, can we surprise ourselves, and address the looming challenges posed by overfishing and climate change?

Gregory S. Stone, Russell A. Mittermeier, Octavio Aburto-Oropeza, Claudio Campagna, Kent E. Carpenter, Laurence P. Madin, David Obura, Enric Sala, Sebastian Troëng, Peter Seligmann, Carin J. Ashjian, Guilherme Dutra, Steven K. Katona, Roderic Mast, Scott Henderson, Mark Erdmann, and Andrew A. Rosenberg.

Water makes life possible on Earth. Every drop comes from the sea and returns there. For centuries we have seen the ocean as lgo sure, we have perceived as inexhaustible, unknowable; a vast room and gives depth. But it’s not like that.

The challenges we face in the twenty-first century are enormous and concise options. There is a struggle to save a whale in there, or a shoal of fish there. Entire ecosystems are currently hanging by a thread; ecosystems that provide us with the air we breathe, the water we drink and with which we water our crops and many of the foods we eat. It is time to see our “humanized” sea of ​​a completely new way.

We believe that the biomes and ecosystem-based management offer us a unique opportunity to establish management plans that can meet the serious threats they are exposed the world’s oceans. We are still making discoveries about life in the ocean with which we share the planet. The Census of Marine Life, an effort ten years ending in 2010 and brought to public knowledge the “yeti crab” among other wonders.

The ocean does not stop surprising us. The most important question of the XXI Century is, can we surprise ourselves and face the imminent challenges posed by overfishing and climate change? We all have the power to carry out the changes in our own seascapes and therefore seas in the mosaic that is our blue planet.

This is an excerpt from the CEMEX Conservation Series Book Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet (2011).



Heart of our Blue Planet

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