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November 23, 2017. Life / The IUCN Red List

Pygmy Hippopotamus Conservation

Jane Smart, Craig Hilton Taylor, Russell A. Mittermeier

The pygmy hippopotamus is considerably less common than its larger and more famous relative, the hippopotamus. Pygmy hippos live in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone, in West Africa.

Over the past century, the pygmy hippo’s habitat has declined dramatically as a result of logging, farming and human settlement. As deforestation continues and the animal’s habitat becomes more fragmented, available populations are coming under increasing pressure.

Although conservation initiatives are ongoing, without more information on the species’ status and a coordinated conservation strategy, the pygmy hippo may disappear from the wild. At the present, there is a strong captive population, which has doubled in size over the past 25 years, potentially providing a safeguard for this species.

Conservation Status: Endangered


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