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October 2, 2015. Water / Oceans

Biome: A community we should care for

Today, the word biome is generally used to refer to a community of plants and animals that live together and are typical to a particular region or climate, either on land or sea.

Laurence P. Madin and William Hamner.

Ecologist Frederic Clements was the first person to ever introduce the biome concept into the field of Ecology in 1916, although it was not until 1939 that he fully developed the term in Bio-Ecology, published that same year (Clements 1916,1939).

In 1975, ecologist Robert Whittaker described seven different terrestrial biomes, which based on similar climatic parameters, namely annual precipitation and average temperature, select strikingly similar genetic adaptations of plants and animals that have not shared the same genetic lineage throughout their converging evolution.

These biomes offer a window into the ways in which species interact in competition, predation and mutualism, and the way evolutionary lineages have been formed by chance and history (Ricklefs, 2007).

This is an excerpt from the CEMEX Conservation Series Book Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet (2011).



Heart of our Blue Planet

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