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Earth Day and Arbor Day Celebrations at the Kosmos Cement Company

July 12, 2018. Ecology

CEMEX USA Recognized by the Portland Cement Association for Achievements in Land Stewardship

Recognition shows CEMEX’s commitment to operate in an environmentally-responsible manner

CEMEX continued its efforts to set high standards in safety and sustainability by earning five Portland Cement Association (PCA) Awards on April 24, 2018, including the 2018 Energy and Environment Award for Land Stewardship, at the PCA’s Cement and Concrete Fly-In Event in Washington, D.C.

CEMEX was presented with the PCA Energy and Environment Award for Land Stewardship as recognition for outstanding environmental and community relations efforts at the Kosmos Cement Company in Louisville, Ky. The 2018 Energy and Environment Awards recognize outstanding environmental and community relations efforts that go above and beyond what is required. Submissions from plants across the U.S. were evaluated and recognized for environmental efforts completed in 2017.

As Monarch populations are on the decline, employees at the plant went above and beyond the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirements for remediation by planting a Southern Monarch Habitat Seed Mix of native wildflowers and warm-season grasses on about an acre of designated land to provide habitat and food sources for the Monarch butterflies during their yearly migration. The project was completed in 2017 in alignment with the conservation priorities of CEMEX USA’s Pollinator Initiative, the Federal Strategy on Pollinator Health, and the EPA’s Green Remediation Guidelines that include considerations for land management and ecosystems protection in remediation.

As a result of these voluntary efforts, as well as other conservation projects, the plant was also presented with the Gold Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council on November 9, 2017, signifying the highest level of habitat and species conservation projects.

In 2018, 200 Eastern White Pine trees were planted at the plant in celebration of Earth Day. Each employee was given a tree to plant with a personalized sign placed next to their tree to show their contribution to conservation. Also, a total of 100 trees were given to employees to plant at their homes for Arbor Day.