We conserve what we know


CEMEX Nature Book Series

Earth’s Legacy

Natural World Heritage

Year: 2015

At the time when the global biodiversity crisis and climate change increase, the World Heritage Sites represent an international model that incessantly reminds us about the wonder and uniqueness of our living planet and our obligation to preserve it.

The IUCN Red List

50 Years of Conservation

Year: 2014

The message put forward this book is a simple one: conservation works and the extinction of species can be prevented.

Informative essays by experts, and captivating photographs made by talented photographers, strive to inspire people around the world to join the movement to conserve species, the building blocks of life upon which our own survival hinges.

Answer the call to action.

A Gift of Nature

Twenty Years of Conservation & Photography

Year: 2012

This anniversary issue of the CEMEX Conservations Book Series blends a magnificent array of photographs with insightful ideas and thought-provoking quotations to celebrate the aspects of humanity’s relationship with our Earth’s natural bounty.

It reflects CEMEX’s commitment to sustain and promote awareness of the need to conserve the natural world we all enjoy.


Heart of our Blue Planet

Year: 2011

Powerfully illustrated with over 150 photographs by some of the world’s leading conservation photographers, Oceans: Heart of our Blue Planet, is a pictorial call to action on one of today’s most pressing conservation challenges.

How to move forward to protect the ocean, it’s resources and the myriad of ecological services it provides for all humanity, in large part will determine how successful we are in securing an environmentally sound future for generations to come.

Net profits from these books will go to support our nature conservation projects